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Q: Do I need to run Hostblock while browsing?
A: That's the beauty: you don't! You only need Hostblock to set up the block list. You don't need to run it to block ads, you just need it to manage your block list.

Q: What does the program do technically?
A: It changes only one Windows file.

Q: What is this autoimport batch?
A: It is a batch script which can run without Hostblock which contains the block list and imports it.

Q: Is there a better way to add hosts to the block list?
A: There is. The installer creates an entry for Hostblock in the context menu of Internet Explorer.

Q: What does the program change?
A: Nothing. No autorun entries, no services. It just uses a Windows system file.

Q: Are the settings user specific or system wide?
A: System wide. And works for every application! No more browser-specific ad blocking! You can use it to block ads in programs like ICQ aswell.

Q: What operating system is this program made for?
A: This program will work on all Windows NT systems, however, administrator rights are required.

Q: Are there other operating systems supported?
A: In fact, Windows 2000, XP and everything that followed are Windows

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