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A don't-remember-how-long while ago (about 2008), I've integrated Hostblock into Opera. I don't remember which version of Opera was released back then and I don't know if the current Opera supports the way I used back then at all and if there's a new and better way, but it worked back then.

To use this thing
  1. Download and install Hostblock 2.5
  2. Find your profile folder, click Help->About Opera
  3. Download the menu file to your profile folder you just found\menu
  4. Navigate to Settings\Preferences\Advanced\Toolbars\Menu setup
  5. Activate Hostblock Opera Plugin

Warning! I've used the old Opera method of copying and extending Opera's own menu file so you'll end up using the old menu file aswell. All this is definitely not end-user-ready. But at least, Opera's own files won't be overwritten and you'll always be able to return to the default state.

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